Community Interpreting project

If you are billing and have a good English level (Level 3), this could be a carrier opportunity for becoming a professional Community Interpreter. West African Development (WAD) together with the Worker’s Education Association offers an accredited Community Interpreter’s course which recognize and accredit bi-lingual skills, increasing basic skill levels in the Community and giving people confidence to progress to further study and employment. WAD also providing a translation service to support people who have English as a second language. This service will enable more people to successfully complete training courses and increasing their chances in life.


From the requests from our community member to be involve in other activities and the positive idea of some members who experienced stress and finding difficulties leaving kids and young people with no activities during a school holiday. The majority of our community memberships are facing the same problem due to financial hardship parent cannot afford taking children away during the holiday time and also working parent during the school holiday find it difficult to leave children alone with no activities. West African Development (WAD)organize a special holiday activities program and provide children and youth with activities like: Arts and Craft, Hair weaving, Drumming and Dancing, Sport and Football and Trips.

About Us

West African Development was set up in 2005 and has been a registered charity since 2009. We are based in Tameside in the North West. We were set up to work with those of West African origin, but not exclusively. Read More