When people moved to the country (New resident including refugees and asylum seekers) are often isolated and hard to reach people in the community.

West African Development (WAD) aim to help by breaking down barriers to integration for West African and other ethnic minority people and support them and empower them to participate actively in their local community. Because of their situation they often need high levels of support. We do this through various methods such as training, social activities, helping people to access services (Health, housing, immigration) and benefits that are available for them.

Our social activities help isolated people, who are in similar positions to meet each other. They develop supportive peer relationships and begin to be more open about their real needs, less ashamed, scared or shy in coming forward. These needs are then grouped where possible and appropriate responses are developed (e.g. provision of IT classes) or individuals are supported to address specific concerns (e.g. help with housing problems). Our user-led approach enables us to get to root causes rather gloss over initial problems as they present themselves. From our social activities, confidence is gained and individuals begin to realise their ambitions (e.g. we have excellent case studies of individuals who have come to the UK who don’t know anybody at all.

They feel very unhappy, worried about the future and how to fit in to the community. Through WAD they have built up a support system which enables them to overcome these issues).

Meeting between WAD and Tameside police, supporting to prevent and reduce crime in our neighbourhoods in Tameside. 21 December 2020

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West African Development was set up in 2005 and has been a registered charity since 2009. We are based in Tameside in the North West. We were set up to work with those of West African origin, but not exclusively. Read More