Women and Youth Empowerment

Meeting between WAD and Tameside police, supporting to prevent and reduce crime in our neighbourhoods in Tameside.
21 December 2020


Through our meetings and general consultation with our group and women requested, West African Development (WAD) aims of this proposal are to put on a women and BME women in respect and empower in the leadership involvement and to put on celebration event for International Women’s Day which will provide an opportunity for women in Tameside and elsewhere to get together to discuss a range of issues around health and wellbeing. This will include: Domestic and sexual violence and family issues, prevent women and youth crimes, keeping fit and advise in Smoking Healthy eating.

women and youth

WAD will provide a mutually supportive and safe environment for women to access information and start to build the confidence they need to learn about their rights and how to make changes in their lives. As women from BME groups are often socially isolated and may lack language skills to be able to access mainstream services, WAD will be able to provide information about local services and also local courses open to them. In addition, with WAD women meeting and BME women meeting will provide a range of opportunities to meet new people and share experiences across many different communities for women and young people.

WAD women organise many meetings and events which gives women and young people the chance to get involved in social and sporting activities, as well as the opportunity to explore different cultures and faiths.

Amina Nkurikye, is the First Women’s Coordinator at WAD and she’s dedicated in many aspect in order to support activities for women and young people and making a different and positive action for women and community.