Employment Development /Basic Computer Skill Training

From the positive example of other ethnic minority like the Asian and Chinese communities involvement in employment development and positive action in area of providing and increasing skill  in I.T training etc. African Development (WAD) is now developing the area of basic computer skill training in order to provide to African and BME communities one to one help with I.T skills. 

This training program will help as mentioned on Education / Training /Pre ESOL Project will help to open boundaries in between communities to access the current and new services to more people. This will also help African and BME communities to access and set up and operate in the area of private business side in UK and elsewhere. 

This training program will help the encouragement on business investment opportunities and the creativity of the new employment for people. This training program will be run a once a week for beginning and as time go on in developing the course, West African Development (WAD) will then add more session for the benefit of our people in the community.

West African Development plan to arrange with different work agency with respect to provide support and assistance helping people find it difficult to get a job or to get back to work.



The programme will help you build the confidence to: Recognise when someone may be experiencing problems. Actively listen to people with problems.


WAD volunteers are a crucial part of our organisation. Working as one team, we combine skills and experience to create positive change for everyone not just in Tameside but everywhere in the UK


Our members are often isolated and hard to reach people in the community, who may be new to the country. We aim to help by breaking down barriers to integration.

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West African Development was set up in 2005 and has been a registered charity since 2009. We are based in Tameside in the North West. We were set up to work with those of West African origin, but not exclusively. Read More