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    Pre ESOL Project


    Through our meetings and general consultation with our group we are aware of people in our community who are not accessing ESOL classes due to their inability to understand any English and in some cases are not able to read or write in own languages. This has an impact on their wellbeing making it difficult to access services, integrate and contribute to society. This minority need real help with basic understanding before they can consider ESOL classes.  Around 80% of working-age eastern European migrants who arrived after 2004 spoke a language other than English at home, compared with about 40% for other groups. This had consequences for their job prospects. About a quarter had work-related language difficulties, compared with about 6% for other immigrants. This trend is also being felt in the education system. Produced by the Migration Policy Institute and ­commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

    We will establish a training programme working with partners including Tameside College and our local authority TMBC including key/core skills and knowledge needed by our members such as ESOL and Life in the UK course. Some of our members come to us with no English language skills and need lots of support to access training. We are putting together in-house training which will be spearheaded by WAD members who have achieved Postgraduate Graduate Certificate in Education qualifications. This is designed to aid individuals in our community in their learning where English is not their first language. It would run like an after school program with structured events to discuss the problems they are facing on their courses and provide them with help  to solve them and achieve their grades.

    We will have access to computers in the building and will deliver basic computer skills.

    West African Development (WAD) will run every year (condition apply) programmes over 12 months course. These sessions will be aimed at people who can’t attend ESOL classes because their language skills do not make it possible. This is because they are cannot read and write the English language or even their own language. These sessions will be the most basic form of learning. This training will be delivered by a qualified ESOL trainer. There will be in support in these classes from volunteers including some who have a translation qualification.


    ABC – Easy as – 123  2021-2022

    West African Development  has become a diverse and multicultural place to live and work where the majority of the residents can speak English. However, there are a small minority of community groups from African countries who now reside in Tameside who are not proficient in English. WAD received funding from Community fund to provide Pre-ESOL & ESOL classes As part of this funding project, we would like to work with these groups to ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach the level of English they need by providing access to Pre ESOL & ESOL classes/Life in the UK/Budgeting skills. We will deliver weekly ESOL sessions for learners over 12 months, to those who are facing barriers to accessing local services through providing rich practical content/role plays to improve vocabulary and improve confidence and individual expression.

    We hope that these sessions will also go a long way in supporting learners to engage in accessing and increasing uptake in local volunteering/employment and reducing social isolation.