Voluntary opportuinity training

This program will help to develop learning resources for volunteers

Volunteers often lack experience of offering help and support for the needy
Our research has established that people experiencing problems in order to be able to be independent in the community,  difficulties are much more likely to ‘turn to’ a friend or someone they are already in contact for help, such as a volunteer.  But often those helpers lack the confidence or know-how to offer appropriate support.

With the aim of increasing access to  support in communities, we have partnered with tutors and other organizations to help our volunteer to get the appropriate skills.

The programme will help you build the confidence to:
Recognise when someone may be experiencing  problems.
Actively listen to people with  problems.
Share knowledge and information and about  support with friends, family, and people in your community.
Refer/signpost people to local activities, services and support facitilites.

Design and deliver community group activities which spread knowledge and information about  support.

voluntary work placement

The dates and places for traing will be  published when available