Chaplaincy Project

  • Through our meetings and general consultation  in order to prevent crime and provide a support for our people in prison and also for future Education, WAD will send two people from our Community for 6 months training course at Markfield Institute of Higher Education to be qualify as an official Chaplain for Prison and future education. This project is support by Tameside authority and Strong together.

If you want to know more about this project, please do not hesitated to contact us for more details.


     Reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination. Our members are often isolated and hard to reach people in the community, who may be new to the country. We aim to help by breaking down barriers to integration for West African and other ethnic minority people and support them and empower them to participate actively in their local community. Because of their situation they often need high levels of support.  We do this through various methods such as training, social activities, helping people to access services (Health, housing, immigration) and benefits that are available for them. Our social activities help isolated people, who are in similar positions to meet each other. They develop supportive peer relationships and begin to be more open about their real needs, less ashamed, scared or shy in coming forward. These needs are then grouped where possible and appropriate responses are developed (e.g. provision of IT classes) or individuals are supported to address specific concerns (e.g. help with housing problems). Our user-led approach enables us to get to root causes rather gloss over initial problems as they present themselves. From our social activities, confidence is gained and individuals begin to realise their ambitions (e.g. we have excellent case studies of individuals who have come to the UK who don’t know anybody at all. They feel very unhappy, worried about the future and how to fit in to the community. Through WAD they have built up a support system which enables them to overcome these issues).
    Encourage or enable unpopular groups to share in the life of the whole community

    We give our members confidence to be involved with the wider community in many ways. We help people access courses and we give extra help (like homework classes) for those who are doing ESOL training and other courses to give them the best opportunity of success.  We organise many meetings and events which gives people the chance to get involved in social and sporting activities, as well as the opportunity to explore different cultures and faiths. We arrange public drumming sessions which bring communities together.
    Through the power of music and celebrating the diverse cultures of our beneficiaries we not only raise awareness of these cultures and how they enrich local communities but also builds confidence and feelings of self-worth amongst our beneficiaries as they are able to celebrate who they are, where they come from. All these things help our members make new friends and build firm roots in the community.