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    Arts Culture / Heritage/ Science Project

    art cultureThrough our meetings and general consultation with our group and the public we are aware of people who have no idea about the benefit and value of West African culture. This has an impact on their wellbeing making it difficult to participate and contribute to cultural exchange in the society. The western in particular this minority with children migrant to UK need real help with basic understanding of the culture before they can consider is value.  Many people including school are seeking for a West African drumming activity some people want it for a fun and some want it for the different and benefit into it.

    The overall aim of the project is to encourage the community to socialise, integrate, cultural awareness, learn and try new things, be physically and mentally healthy and raise people’s self-esteem.

    West African Development (WAD) is put on drumming and dancing workshop sessions as a way of us giving to the public and communities and helping them to see and try something different. This is our way of breaking down barriers and trying to encourage people to integrate and learn about different cultures.

    art culture 5Our mission is to show that African Drumming and Dancing as an art form reminds us we are alive, vibrant, creative, active and beautiful to connect with people through culture and transcend the daily experience and to bring a high of professionalism and excellence to West African drumming and Dancing.If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

    Through the power of music and celebrating the diverse cultures of our beneficiaries we not only raise awareness of these cultures and how they enrich local communities but also builds confidence and feelings of self-worth amongst our beneficiaries as they are able to celebrate who they are, where they come from.

    West African Development (WAD) will continue to run weekly drumming and dancing workshopsfor current members and any new members. These sessions will help people to continue to learn the skills of drumming and dancing. Also, they provide a cultural and social link for adults and children living in Tameside and elsewhere. These sessions are run by a professional tutor and is open to everyone. To know more about it please contact us on the contact above.

    Drumming in particular is believed to have a wide range of benefits to health and wellbeing including reducing stress, bringing calm and conquering feelings of isolation.

    art culture 4

    (Information from BBC News Health