Overseas Aid / Famine Relief

West African Development is known for the provision of qualitative poverty relief programmes, Education Advancement, Environmental Development, Science and Sports development, Women empowerment programmes, Social and welfare programmes, Children in need relief programmes, Health advancement programmes, Technological and Scientific awareness etc. to mention but few.

” CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME” as they say. West African Development is delighted to associate with different charities and Government and No organisation (NGO) in UK and elsewhere in fulfilling our dreams and aspiration about overseas Aids and Famine Relief in Africa countries and elsewhere.

As part of WAD`s Aims and Objective, we are determined to create a vital relationship with both the local and the international communities in order to foster unity, Liberation of the less privileges and putting smiles in the faces of every human being, regardless of Race or Gender.

We could not have achieve our humanitarian goals over the years without the cooperation and assistance of reputable organisation and individuals. WAD sees the hands of acceptance which the Equatorial Guinea UK HighCommission Mari Cruz Evuna Andeme has stretched towards us as another way forward, to attaining our dreams and aspirations. May we seize this opportunity to have plans to spread the tentacles of WAD other Continents of Africa and the world. We have been able to establish cordial relationship with some Embassies and their Countries over the years. We are presently working on setting up the African Home Office will be situated in Equatorial Guinea.

overseas famine relief

West African Development (WAD) and Equatorial Guinea High Commission in London 2013

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