Chaplaincy Multifaith Project

Faith is deeply entwined with African Communities spirit and it is very important that the service has access to these communities.

chaplency 3While respecting the diversity of faiths and beliefs both inside the services and the communities, West African Development (WAD) can provide a valuable source of Community base knowledge and information with multifaith Chaplaincy by offering a network of advice and contacts in area of Further Education Chaplaincy, Hospital (NHS) Chaplaincy, Prison and Police Chaplaincy to mention few. Multifaith Chaplaincy will help to promote local support and involvement and improve community cohesion and build relationships between different communities.

Chaplaincy is not just a spiritual and theological. Chaplaincy facilitated and provide care in a specific institutional context, such as an academic, hospital, prison, police or military setting.

West African Development (WAD) multifaith chaplaincy will offers confidential, independent, without prejudice or agenda. WAD will support and encourage communities and their families to build a relationships and confidante, to respect and celebrate the diversity of belief within West African and wider Community.

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