Advisory and Counselling

advisory projectWest African Development (WAD) help people with issues which are confidential and establish regular surgeries with different agencies (police, housing, social services etc.). These are really important sessions as some of the people who are accessing our services are asylum seekers who have very private and personal issues to discuss regarding their application to meet with immigration rules. We have also noted that many of our members are reluctant to access health services. This barrier seems to be one based on fear, lack of trust and concerns about being understood. We feel that one to one sessions in a secure environment with support from our organization can overcome this. We would also use these one to one sessions to support families and members who are facing anti-social behavior within their wider community. Unfortunately, we have members who have been harassed by people in the areas that they live. We are able to provide support them and signpost them onto Housing Associations and local police who can help to neutralize the situation. West African Development (WAD) also use these sessions to support immigrants who are looking for employment – helping with applications forms, making phone calls etc.


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