Brief History


W.A.D. came to be as many people found it increasingly difficult to get particular support for people in the BLACK ETHNIC MINORITY group. NGO’s and multiple

charities have canvassed this group but with no real success as there is no real connection with the people or understanding of the people.

A group of west-africans then started this initiative to fill in this void and create a platform for both sides i.e. the BME’s on one and the NGO’s, charities and the

government on the other, to be able to positively interact with one another.

The creation of W.A.D. was initially designed for west-africans to gather and help each other as a collective but as the formulating of the ideology progressed,

it became more about integrating west-africans with the rest of the community. As such, W.A.D. does not solely cater for west-africans but B.M.E.’s in general,

west-africans however make up its core numbers of volunteers, organisers and so on.

Since its inception there have been a number of things that have been discussed and mapped out as part of the activities and projects designed to achieve the

vision we have. W.A.D. has also been represented at a number of other official events such as; Charity fundraiser, T3SC meetings just to name a few. The

general purpose at this stage is to spread awareness of our presence and enlist the aid of those people who feel as we do, to get started on achieving our vision…

For realizations,  achievement and our journey so far , please click here 

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