Drumming sessions for 2014

drumming 2014

Fancy learning something new, socializing, being active and making some noise?

West African Development (WAD) welcoming you to drumming workshops on Thursday evening @ Cedar Park Venue Queens Road Ashton-U-Lyne OL6 8EW from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. You can drop in whenever you can during these times.

Drumming is entertaining, help you stay fit, gets your brain working and helps your rhythm. It is also a great social event and the different styles. Drumming is a focal

Part of culture in the whole celebrations. If you are willing to have some fun, drumming could be for you.

Sessions are FREE for all.

Arts Awards & Paper Craft Session also available for Children

For more information contact WAD on 07754715849 or visit our

web: www.westafricandevelopment.org.uk

Email: admin@westafricandevelopment.org.uk

youchoose and tameside

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Life Change & Back to work training opportunities for YOU

Pre ESOL English course  -  One to One home Basic I.T learning course

                      Passport for Employment Training Course



Passport for employment:

This course will be run by a professional tutor and volunteers and will take a month period course (25 hours) where participants will learn about how to fill in an application form write a personal statement, write a CV, prepare an interview, etc.

One to one home learning course:

This course will be run by a professional tutor and Volunteers for (2hrs) per session at participant home address. This is One to One teaching to help fix language skills (English) understanding and help for jobs search for those who found it difficult to attend class and have learning difficulty.


Sessions are FREE


To book for any of those training course please call us on 07754715849


Email: admin@westafricandevelopment.org.uk

training sponsors


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Advisory and Counselling

advisory projectWest African Development (WAD) help people with issues which are confidential and establish regular surgeries with different agencies (police, housing, social services etc.). These are really important sessions as some of the people who are accessing our services are asylum seekers who have very private and personal issues to discuss regarding their application to meet with immigration rules. We have also noted that many of our members are reluctant to access health services. This barrier seems to be one based on fear, lack of trust and concerns about being understood. We feel that one to one sessions in a secure environment with support from our organization can overcome this. We would also use these one to one sessions to support families and members who are facing anti-social behavior within their wider community. Unfortunately, we have members who have been harassed by people in the areas that they live...

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Overseas Aid / Famine Relief

West African Development is known for the provision of qualitative poverty relief programmes, Education Advancement, Environmental Development, Science and Sports development, Women empowerment programmes, Social and welfare programmes, Children in need relief programmes, Health advancement programmes, Technological and Scientific awareness etc. to mention but few.

” CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME” as they say. West African Development is delighted to associate with different charities and Government and No organisation (NGO) in UK and elsewhere in fulfilling our dreams and aspiration about overseas Aids and Famine Relief in Africa countries and elsewhere.

As part of WAD`s Aims and Objective, we are determined to create a vital relationship with both the local and the international communities in order to foster unity, Liberation of the less privileges and putting smiles in the faces of every human being, regardless of Race or Gender.

We could not have achieve our humanitarian goals over t...

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New Resident in Tameside and UK Project

When people moved to the country (New resident including refugees and asylum seekers) are often isolated and hard to reach people in the community. West African Development (WAD) aim to help by breaking down barriers to integration for West African and other ethnic minority people and support them and empower them to participate actively in their local community. Because of their situation they often need high levels of support. We do this through various methods such as training, social activities, helping people to access services (Health, housing, immigration) and benefits that are available for them. Our social activities help isolated people, who are in similar positions to meet each other. They develop supportive peer relationships and begin to be more open about their real needs, less ashamed, scared or shy in coming forward. These needs are then grouped where possible and appropriate responses are developed (e.g...

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Community Interpreting Project

community interpreting 1 Many people within the BME communities have a specific skill and advantage of being bilingual.  This natural skill should not be underestimated.  With BME communities being overrepresented in unemployment figures nationally, their language skills could be used to their enterprising advantage.

Community interpreting is a specific type of interpreting service which is a particularly vital service in communities with large numbers of ethnic minorities, enabling those minorities to access services where, due to the language barrier, they would otherwise find it difficult. Situations where such interpreters are necessary are typical include medical, educational, housing, social security and legal  areas.

The community interpreter has a very different role and responsibilities from a commercial or conference interpreter...

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Women and Youth Empowerment

Through our meetings and general consultation with our group and women requested, West African Development (WAD) aims of this proposal are to put on a women and BME women in respect and empower in the leadership involvement and to put on celebration event for International Women’s Day which will provide an opportunity for women in Tameside and elsewhereto get together to discuss a range of issues around health and wellbeing. This will include:Domestic and sexual violence and family issues, prevent women and youth crimes, keeping fit and advise in SmokingHealthy eating.

women and youth

WAD will provide a mutually supportive and safe environment for women to access information and start to build the confidence they need to learn about their rights and how to make changes in their lives...

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Arts Culture / Heritage/ Science Project

art cultureThrough our meetings and general consultation with our group and the public we are aware of people who have no idea about the benefit and value of West African culture. This has an impact on their wellbeing making it difficult to participate and contribute to cultural exchange in the society. The western in particular this minority with children migrant to UK need real help with basic understanding of the culture before they can consider is value.  Many people including school are seeking for a West African drumming activity some people want it for a fun and some want it for the different and benefit into it.

The overall aim of the project is to encourage the community to socialise, integrate, cultural awareness, learn and try new things, be physically and mentally healthy and raise people’s self-esteem.

West African Development (WAD) is put on drumming and dancing workshop sessions as a way of us giving to the public and communities and helping them to see and try something differe...

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Economic / Community Development /Digital Exclusive Project

community developmentFrom the new government plan in considering the use of social media tools to improve its digital services for UK citizens,West African Development (WAD) service provides more than just a ‘quick fix’ and the work we do is centred on helping people raise their skills, and confidence for life. Our support means that people can get on the right path to have successful lives. It means that they know how to access the services that are available to them. With language (ESOL) and basic computer skills training to people will help to open boundaries in between communities to access the current and new services to more people. For example, Immigration information online services, Housing online services, Jobs Centre and Benefit online service, NHS health online service, Education and School for Family and children online services, to mention few...

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Education / Training /Pre ESOL Project

pre-essolThrough our meetings and general consultation with our group we are aware of people in our community who are not accessing ESOL classes due to their inability to understand any English and in some cases are not able to read or write in own languages. This has an impact on their wellbeing making it difficult to access services, integrate and contribute to society. This minority need real help with basic understanding before they can consider ESOL classes.  Around 80% of working-age eastern European migrants who arrived after 2004 spoke a language other than English at home, compared with about 40% for other groups. This had consequences for their job prospects. About a quarter had work-related language difficulties, compared with about 6% for other immigrants. This trend is also being felt in the education system. Produced by the Migration Policy Institute and ­commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

We will establish a training programme working with partners includ...

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